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Re: Branching time + 1 week (was: "Re: Three weeks to branching (gdb 7.5 release)")

On Fri, 22 Jun 2012 18:32:24 +0200, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > Added two patches but those seem to be done although still discussed with Eli:
> > 
> >   * [Jan] auto-load safe-path: Permit shell wildcards
> >
> Do I understand correctly that the first patch would have no impact
> if we adopted the (rather-large-but-what-can-we-do) gnulib import?
> If that's correct, we could move this patch off the critical path.

There are:
Re: [patch 1/2] auto-load safe-path: Permit shell wildcards
[patch 2/2] [mingw+non-GNU?] gnulib fnmatch for libiberty/ FNM_FILE_NAME bugs

[patch 1/2] works perfectly fine on GNU/Linux without [patch 2/2].
[patch 2/2] has no effect anywhere without [patch 1/2].

But the new functionality of [patch 1/2] behaves incorrectly on non-GNU/Linux
systems without [patch 2/2].

TBH I do not think auto-load safe-path functionality is of much concern on
non-GNU/Linux systems at all but to keep all correct...

Also before checking-in [patch 2/2] I am going to update gnulib files as
[obv] to separate gnulib update vs. gnulib addition of fnmatch-gnu module.
I could add fnmatch-gnu from a several months old gnulib snapshot but that
sems incorrect to me.  gnulib update also seems safe enough to me (WDYT?).


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