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Re: [RFA] Add more parallelization to gdb.base testing

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Evans <> writes:

Doug> This patch speeds up gdb testing at -j6 on my machine from 7mins
Doug> to 4mins.  I didn't want to get too carried away here, this felt
Doug> like a good compromise.  I split the range into four roughly equal
Doug> partitions alphabet wise, then noticed that [a-g] has far more
Doug> files than the others so made the split more refined.  I'm happy
Doug> to use whatever partitioning folks want, I just want the 4mins (or
Doug> better).

Doug> Ok to check in?

We discussed this on irc a bit, but for the record, I think there are
latent bugs that this patch will expose.

For example, several tests in gdb.base use the same executable name:

    barimba. egrep 'set testfile.* "break"$' *.exp
    completion.exp:set testfile "break"
    condbreak.exp:set testfile "break"
    define.exp:set testfile "break"
    ena-dis-br.exp:set testfile "break"
    environ.exp:set testfile "break"
    info-proc.exp:set testfile "break"
    maint.exp:set testfile "break"

Jan went through and fixed bugs like this for the current split.


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