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Re: build error for mn10300-elf sim with your recent commit

> So that leaves:
> ./d10v/interp.c:#include "sysdep.h"
> ./cr16/interp.c:#include "sysdep.h"
> ./sh64/sh-desc.c:#include "sysdep.h"
> ./mn10300/interp.c:#include "sysdep.h"
> ./cris/cris-desc.c:#include "sysdep.h"

OK - I just sent a patch for d10v. cr16 and mn10300 were fixed by
Mike and HP (thank you!).

As for sh64 and cris, the files ars generated by CGEN as explained
earlier in this thread. I just spent the better of 2 hours trying
to regenerate them, to no avail because . Thanks to Doug's help,
I got to the point where cgen tries to regenerate the files, but
fails - and I can't really tell what the problem is. The fix would
need to be in cgen anyway, and I am not sure if it wouldn't affect
the tools other than the sim.

Since these two simulators build fine for now, I would like to
leave it at that. My suggestion is for the maintainers of those
sims to create a local sysdep.h file that imports "config.h" and
possibly other system includes.


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