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Re: [PATCH, doc]: Rename Index node to prevent file collision

On 15 June 2012 10:00, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
>> Yip. ?We supply pre-built toolchains for Linux and Windows[1]. ?The
>> build is crtosstool-NG based, runs on Ubuntu Lucid, and uses the LSB
>> compilers for Linux and the mingw cross compilers for Windows. ?We
>> cross-make the manuals the same as we cross-build the compiler.
> I think we do something similar as well. I do not think that this is
> an uncommon situation when someone works with GNU software on multiple
> platforms.
>> The makeinfo manual says: """If makeinfo is run on a system which does
>> not distinguish case in filenames, nodes which are the same except for
>> case will also be folded into the same output file.""". ?I don't think
>> that's valid here as the index is a special case: we shouldn't merge
>> the top level index.html with the output of a node called Index.
> I haven't checked, but is there a command-line option to force
> that behavior?

Not in makeinfo 4.13b.  There's been discussion upstream before about
this with no conclusion:

and on this list:

nodename_to_filename_1() special cases the node 'Top' and rewrites it
to 'index.html'.  Perhaps it should special case if the node is called

Eli, if that sounds OK to you then I'll propose a patch to bug-texinfo
and get it into Ubuntu.  texinfo seems to be dormant so it may be some
time before the patch appears in a release.

> And I am also wondering why they wouldn't just
> always make sure that the names are always different, irrespective
> of casing...

Agreed.  Host independent files like a manual shouldn't change based
on build or host.

-- Michael

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