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RE: [RFA-v4] Add scripts to generate ARI web pages to gdb/contrib/ari directory

> >   Here is a new version of my patch to insert ARI web page generation
> >   script into GDB sources.
> Thank you!
> > As requested I removed the references to emails
> > for sourceware.
> Nice.
> > Otherwise I also made a small change to generate the web page in a
> > subdir called trunk/ari if no tag in found in CVS subdirectory and
> > branch/ari otherwise.
> For this one, I do not think that this is a good idea. Not everyone
> works from a CVS sandbox anymore, so the assumption is going to break
> for those. But also, I don't see why we would need to produce the data
> in a different directory based on the type of sources.

  This is only because currently there are web links
inside the generated pages that should allow to switch from
trunk to branches (It would at least be useful that those link
still work when the script is called on the repository).
> We can let the caller decide where he wants the data to go...

  OK, this is already possible,
either by specifying a webdir environment variable
before calling script
or by using directly script, you then need to specify all 4 args 
as explained in start of script.

  I would just prefer the we do use another directory or a sub-directory,
because there is a lot of file generation, and copying of scripts
to destination dir.
  If webdir is current directory, it will be very hard to clean the
mess afterwards...


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