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RE: [RFC] Enable GDB handle compressed target.xml returned by GDB stub

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan Larmour []
> Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 9:42 PM
> To: Terry Guo
> Cc: Yao Qi;;; Richard
> Earnshaw; 'Pedro Alves'; Joey Ye; Ulrich Weigand
> Subject: Re: [RFC] Enable GDB handle compressed target.xml returned by
> GDB stub
> On 13/06/12 02:57, Terry Guo wrote:
> >> From: Jonathan Larmour []
> >>
> >> For what it's worth, that sounds appealing to me. Strictly Terry's
> >> proposal wasn't a .true gz file but a gzipped stream. But that's
> >> easy to avoid if we just choose to use the name convention
> >> target.xmlz or suchlike.
> >
> > I am kind of lost on "gz file". Do you mean there is a real gz file
> and the
> > stub will do following things to response host gdb request?
> >
> > 1. stub open the real gz file and read it into buffer.
> > 2. stub transmit the buffer to host gdb.
> > 3. stub close the file
> No I thought in your initial message you were proposing a zlib
> compressed
> stream, rather than a .gz file (which includes the gz file
> header/footer).
> I think that proposal is better because it's true that the only things
> really needed are the zlib compressed stream and the length. No .gz
> files
> would be involved at all. So calling it target.xml.gz would be
> misleading
> since it wouldn't contain the gzip header/footer required to make it a
> true .gz format file.

Great. Then we are on the same page now.


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