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[RFA] breakpoints/13798 and mi/11541 (tests only)


Both of the bugs involve filenames with spaces and colons. The linespec parser rewrite fixed these bugs, and while there were a few tests that dealt with these cases already, I'd like to add a couple more just to cover some additional bases.


2012-06-13  Keith Seitz  <>

	PR breakpoints/13798 and mi/11541
	* gdb.linespec/ls-errs.exp: Add a few more tests for
	filenames with spaces and colons.
Index: testsuite/gdb.linespec/ls-errs.exp
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/testsuite/gdb.linespec/ls-errs.exp,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -p -r1.1 ls-errs.exp
--- testsuite/gdb.linespec/ls-errs.exp	5 Apr 2012 18:50:29 -0000	1.1
+++ testsuite/gdb.linespec/ls-errs.exp	13 Jun 2012 17:53:14 -0000
@@ -116,7 +116,9 @@ foreach x [list "this_file_doesn't_exist
 	       "\"this \"file\" has quotes.c\"" \
 	       "'this \"file\" has quotes.c'" \
 	       "'this 'file' has quotes.c'" \
-	       "\"this 'file' has quotes.c\""] {
+	       "\"this 'file' has quotes.c\"" \
+	       "\"spaces: and :colons.c\"" \
+	       "'more: :spaces: :and  colons::.c'"] {
     # Remove any quoting from FILENAME for the error message.
     add the_tests "$x:3" invalid_file [string trim $x \"']

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