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Re: [PATCH 1/3] Fix ppc64 single step over atomic sequence testcase

On 06/12/2012 10:16 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
GDB is supposed to skip eacho sequence (__asm__ block) in response
to a "next", but it may have had its behavior changed from when i
originally wrote this. It seems to take multiple next's to get to a
different __asm__ block now, so it seems to be broken.

It may be a difference in GCC's debuginfo output or GDB just got smarter.

I might be wrong, but I don't remember us changing anything in this area. "next/step" behavior is really determined by the line info generated by the compiler. If the compiler was changed from not generated a line entry for the __asm__ blocks, and now does, then it'll change GDB's behavior. If next/step behavior testing is important to the testcase, then it would seem to make sense to convert the testcase to using an assembly file instead.

I agree that using an assembly file is both more apropriate and more straightforward when it comes to testing these sequences.


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