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Re: ping: [patch 1/2] Fix gdb.cp/gdb2495.exp regression with gcc-4.7 #5

> I am not sure what to do with it.  I think it is definitely needed as without
> this patch gdb.cp/gdb2495.exp regresses which is user visiable.
> But it introduces the regression exploited by the testcase below.

:-(. I am not sure what to do either. Do you think we could have
a solution in a reasonable amount of time? I don't want to give up
to easily, but it feels like the further we go, the more issue we
find (it feels the same way I felt with the objfile search order
patch series).

We have several options:

  1. Ignore the initial regression, and release with it

  2. Revert the patch that caused the regression. I can't remember
     which patch that was, and whether it would "unsolve" an important

  3. Ignore the side-effect/regression caused by this fix, and fix
     it later

  4. Delay the release in order to implement setjmp handling.

Not being completely up to speed with the issues involved, I am
not sure which one would make sense. Delaying the release would
have some impact on Maciej's mips work, but is otherwise a real


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