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[PING][PATCH] microMIPS support (Linux signal trampolines)

Mark, anyone,

 I made the adjustments you requested, is there still any problem with 
this change?

> 2011-05-18  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>
> 	gdb/
> 	* tramp-frame.h (tramp_frame): Add validate member.
> 	* tramp-frame.c (tramp_frame_start): Validate trampoline before
> 	scanning.
> 	* mips-linux-tdep.c (MICROMIPS_INST_LI_V0): New macro.
> 	(mips_linux_o32_sigframe): Initialize validate member.
> 	(mips_linux_o32_rt_sigframe): Likewise.
> 	(mips_linux_n32_rt_sigframe): Likewise.
> 	(mips_linux_n64_rt_sigframe): Likewise.
> 	(micromips_linux_o32_sigframe): New variable.
> 	(micromips_linux_o32_rt_sigframe): Likewise.
> 	(micromips_linux_n32_rt_sigframe): Likewise.
> 	(micromips_linux_n64_rt_sigframe): Likewise.
> 	(mips_linux_o32_sigframe_init): Handle microMIPS trampolines.
> 	(mips_linux_n32n64_sigframe_init): Likewise.
> 	(mips_linux_sigframe_validate): New function.
> 	(micromips_linux_sigframe_validate): Likewise.
> 	(mips_linux_init_abi): Install microMIPS trampoline unwinders.

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