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Re: many typo fixes

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Meyering <> writes:

Jim> Massaging the output of,

Jim> Also, beware of the few suggested transforms that map from all-caps
Jim> like "LENGHT" to leading-cap-only "Length".

Jim> This is deliberately just an FYI, not an actual patch.
Jim> I'll let someone else write the actual patch.

I looked at this a little today.

It needed some further tweaks, as it is also applying patches to the
code, in some cases breaking it.  At least, that is the case when I ran
it myself -- I don't see the specific problem I noticed in your list,
which is odd since I just used your script...

Anyway once I did that I realized I didn't really trust the output, and
I didn't really want to do a detailed review the whole patch by hand.
It's rather large and boring.  You can't rely on the compiler because
not every file is compiled on every host...

So I think I'm going to drop it.  If you want to make a patch for gdb,
though, ... :)

Jim> sed -i '3279s!dependant!dependent!' bfd/aoutx.h
Jim> sed -i '54s!layed!laid!'
Jim> sed -i '491s!accomodate!accommodate!' cpu/frv.opc
Jim> sed -i '84s!upto!up to!' readline/histexpand.c

BFD and CPU changes should go to binutils. is canonically maintained in gcc, then sync'd.
readline fixes should go upstream.


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