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Re: [design change] record-replay linux ABI level

I have gone through some of the xml stuffs already done.
under gdb/syscalls/arch_linux.xml files exist. which is currently not
used for record-purpose.

there are 2 ways we could go ahead now:

1) use the above file for recording purpose too and define new
arm-linux.xml for arm specific syscalls.

2) or we decide to keep only one combined xml files for record-replay
future for all arch.

PS: syscall code is almost done now, it supports 242 syscalls
[till gdb_sys_sched_getaffinity = 242]

(xml stuff is pending)


On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:26 PM, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
>>>>>> "oza" == oza Pawandeep <> writes:
> oza> b) I am not much familiar with xml generated C files, and where to
> oza> change in gdb, but with that, will the record_linux_system_call be
> oza> able to incorporate all conflicting syscall numbers in that case ?
> The idea is to extend the current approach. ?That is, have a single
> generic enum; then map the system-specific numbers to this enum. ?The
> difference is that the mappings would be generated from the XML files.
> oza> define as follows
> oza> enum gdb_syscall
> oza> {
> oza> ? ? ? ? ? ?/* i386 related syscalls */
> oza> ? ? ? ? ? ?/* ARM related syscalls */
> oza> ? ? ? ? ? ?/* MIPS related syscalls */
> oza> ? ? ? ? ? ?so on..
> oza> }
> Yeah, I don't like this much.
> Tom

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