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Re: [PATCH v2] Add the "-info-os" command to MI

On 23/05/12 18:38, Stan Shebs wrote:
+body=[item=@{col0="processes",col1="Listing of all processes"@},
+      item=@{col0="procgroups",col1="Listing of all process groups"@},
+      item=@{col0="threads",col1="Listing of all threads"@},
+      item=@{col0="files",col1="Listing of all file descriptors"@},
+      item=@{col0="sockets",col1="Listing of all internet-domain sockets"@},
+      item=@{col0="shm",col1="Listing of all shared-memory regions"@},
+      item=@{col0="semaphores",col1="Listing of all semaphores"@},
+      item=@{col0="msg",col1="Listing of all message queues"@},
+      item=@{col0="modules",col1="Listing of all loaded kernel


I am afraid this output is not really good enough. From MI consumer standpoint, we need a clear
and concise labels for each resource type. Unfortunately, "shm" is not acceptable at all.
"Listing of all shared-memory regions" is unacceptably long. Besides, this would make a good title
for a table with output, but not really good title for a menu used to specify what to show. For
the record, here's the labels I have to use in actual UI code:

	ResourceClassContributionItem_10=Shared memory regions
	ResourceClassContributionItem_14=Message queues
	ResourceClassContributionItem_16=Kernel modules
	ResourceClassContributionItem_2=Process groups

Could GDB be made to output such labels?


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