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RE: Building GDB 7.3.92 with MinGW

  After some debugging,
I believe that the main problem is related to the fact
that we use msys environment (which has msys specific mounts)
to compile a mingw32 GDB executable that knows nothing about those msys
mount points!

get several entries with directories.
All but WITH_PYTHON_PATH (which is mingw32 compatible)
are msys paths:
but those msys pathes are not interpreted correctly by
a mingw32 executable (i.e. gdb.exe itself).

  I do believe that this is an error in the mingw32 configuration
and that it should be fixed in those configuration files...

  As an example I tried to use --prefix=/e/pas/fpc-2.6.0
msys /e/ corresponds to e:/ in mingw32,
(gdb) py print gdb.PYTHONDIR
Of course, this path doesn't even exist on my computer!
If I do substitute /e/ by e:/ inside config.h
and at least get an existing path as output of (gdb) py print gdb.PYTHONDIR

  The bad part is that msys doesn't have a
equivalent of cygpath utitlity, so that I proposed
a solution above, but I have no idea about how
to really implement that solution...

Pierre Muller

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