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Re: [RFA] [4/4] Remove libgdb API (gdb.h & doc)

> Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 11:59:31 -0800
> From: Keith Seitz <>
> This final patch simply removes the gdb.h and removes mention of it from 
> the makefile and gdbint.texinfo.
> [...]
> -@subheading Library - @file{gdb.h}
> -@file{libgdb} is the most obvious component of this system.  It provides
> -the query interface.  Each function is parameterized by a @code{ui-out}
> -builder.  The result of the query is constructed using that builder
> -before the query function returns.

I admit I don't really understand where all this is going.  We are not
removing libgdb itself, are we?  If we are, there are many more
references to libgdb in the manual that need to be removed or

If we are not removing libgdb, but only gdb.h, then I have 2

  . Why does it make sense to remove gdb.h, if the library is going to

  . The text you remove above speaks about libgdb; gdb.h is just
    mentioned as the related header.  Even if gdb.h is going to be
    removed, it doesn't make sense IMO to remove the description of
    libgdb itself, because otherwise the rest of this section will
    make no sense at all.  The section's name, let me remind you, is
    "libgdb components", so how omitting libgdb itself from the
    discussion could possibly be TRT?  E.g., all those references to
    "queries" will have no real meaning.

What am I missing?

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