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Re: RFC: hacky fix for PR 12406

Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:
> Joel> An idea that crossed my mind: Add a flag to each entry in our
> Joel> SO list. Everytime we stop, we use that flag to determine
> Joel> which entries are new. We can probably use something like the
> Joel> normal-stop hook to set the flag just before giving the prompt
> Joel> back to the user. Would that work? It would support the
> Joel> situation I mentioned above where we get one breakpoint event
> Joel> for multiple shared libraries...
> Thanks for the idea.  I will give it a try.
> Tom> [Inferior loaded library /lib64/]
> Tom> Stopped due to shared library event
> Gary> Could this be a separate option, trace-solib-events maybe?
> Gary> It seems like this printing might also be useful when
> Gary> stop-on-solib-events is off.
> Gary> Also, as Jan said, it would be nice to have unload
> Gary> notifications too.
> This comment inspired me to take another look at the whole problem.
> I actually do not much like stop-on-solib-events.  I think 'catch'
> commands are better, because they offer the user more control:
> commands at the stop point, "silent", conditions.
> So now I am thinking that, while I may still add the notification in
> some form, I will also resurrect "catch load" and "catch unload",
> something like "catch load [REGEX] [if ...]"

Sounds nice!



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