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Re: Building GDB 7.3.92 with MinGW

On 2012-1-13 0:53, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Here is what I am trying to say. It is perfectly fine to do:
>     % /path/to/gdb/configure --prefix=c:/usr/my-gdb
>     % make
>     % make install
>     % cp -R c:/usr/my-gdb c:/foo/bar
>  Relocations should still be working, and our own experience with
>  that reveals no obvious problem.
Then I guess asmwarrior should try to find out why it doesn't work for

I did exactly the same thing as Joel said, but NO luck here. (I debugged this issue in August 2011 for several days)

1, I build gdb under MSYS+MinGW, and the configure command has the Linux style path like:

../gdb/configure --prefix=/c/user/my-gdb

gdb can not find the python automatically.

2, I just test the official mingw-gdb (with python enabled), gdb can't relocate the "shared" path either.

3, here is what I did to check whether it works:

a, suppose you have gdb install or copied in some folder:
c:/path_to_mingw/share/gdb/python/gdb (this folder contains some python script

b, run the gdb.exe.
b1, you can type:
python print gdb.PYTHONDIR
It should return the windows path: c:/path_to_mingw/share/gdb/python

b2, you can continue type:
info pretty-printer
Then, gdb will report all the pretty-printers installed. If you encountered some error message like:
Undefined info command: "pretty-printer".  Try "help info".
This means gdb's own python script does not loaded correctly when gdb startup, this is because gdb can't find the path:

So, Joel, can you just test the steps I described above? Both step a, and step b, b1, b2.

With my hacky patch I posted in this thread some days ago, my gdb.exe can works OK wherever the "path_to_mingw" put, so it is relocated.

ollydbg from codeblocks' forum

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