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Re: Building GDB 7.3.92 with MinGW

> > The only case when path "relocation" is turned off is when the user
> > configured directories such as the gdb-datadir using a path that is
> > not a subdir of the prefix.
> That latter case is what I had in mind.  In general, it is a bad mojo
> to force Windows users to install binaries in some specific tree or
> under a certain parent directory.  E.g., the binary could be
> configured for d:/usr as a prefix, but installed in c:/foo/bar.

This is not what I meant, or did I misunderstand you.

Here is what I am trying to say. It is perfectly fine to do:

  % /path/to/gdb/configure --prefix=c:/usr/my-gdb
  % make
  % make install
  % cp -R c:/usr/my-gdb c:/foo/bar

Relocations should still be working, and our own experience with
that reveals no obvious problem.

What I am saying is the following configure command will turn
gdb-datadir relocation off:

  % /path/to/gdb/configure --prefix=c:/usr --with-gdbdatadir=c:/foo

This is because c:/foo is not "inside" c:/usr.  On other other hand,
datadir relocation would still be active if --with-gdbdatadir was


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