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Re: [RFA] Have block_innermost_frame start from selected frame

On Thu, 29 Dec 2011 20:01:34 +0100, Paul Hilfinger wrote:
> I understand the argument here, but I'm not sure I can agree.  The
> ambiguity you speak of already occurs with high frequency, after all,
> since when I say
>     print x
> there may be many local x's lying around,

Yes, some warning/menu-select in such case was one of the ways considered to
implement Tom's ambiguous-linespec patch (which I did not implement myself in
the end at all, sure kudos to Tom).

> that warnings would not be considered helpful.

I really do not mind, not more mails are needed, it is true if
warning/menu/whatever should be printed in this case you are right there are
more such places where it should also happen.  Just this is a GDB behavior
change so I thought it may be even more appropriate in such case.  Never mind.

> > /* Return the innermost stack frame executing inside of BLOCK, or NULL
> >    if there is no such frame.  If BLOCK is NULL, just return NULL.  */
> >
> > struct frame_info *
> > block_innermost_frame (const struct block *block)
> Good point.  In fact, do you think we should change the function name?
> The frame is no longer "innermost", after all.

It is still innermost-to-the-selected-frame.  There isn't going to be a second
function implementing the original innermost-to-the-current-frame behavior.
I do not see a need for name change in this case.


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