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RE: [RFC/WIP PATCH v2 01/12] Flip to set target-async on by default

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> [] On Behalf Of Pedro Alves
> Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 9:59 PM
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> Subject: [RFC/WIP PATCH v2 01/12] Flip to set target-async on 
> by default
> This flips "set target-async" to default to on.  Marc Khouzam's
> earlier reply (on the v1 series) indicating Eclipse does not use
> target-async for all-stop makes me think it may be prudent to actually
> try this with Eclipse and see what happens.  Haven't done that though.

I tried all-stop in Eclipse with target-async on.  As expected, things
didn't work.  Most notably, the interrupt no longer worked since Eclipse
uses ^C in all-stop.

So, I've just pushed a fix to Eclipse to explicitly set target-async to off
when in all-stop mode.

Note that in Eclipse/CDT, we have two GDB integrations.  
The default and the one we work on regularly (DSF-GDB) is the one I fixed.
The older one, almost deprecated, (CDI-GDB), I didn't fix just yet because 
it wasn't as simple.  Worst case, the user will need to add
  set target-async off
in their gdbinit file, if they must use the old integration.

Happy Holidays!


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