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Re: [PATCH 18/348] Fix -Wsahdow warnings


I understand your fustration towards the tone of some of the messages.
Hopefully things will be better from now on.

And I agree that not enabling -Wshadow by default will let the number
of such conflict increase again over time. But at the same time, now
that I am seeing the changes that are required to fix these, I am not
very happy either.  I mean, I understand that "index" might be part of
a system's include. But "block_found" (or was it "found_block") seems
quite surprising. Add the fact that includes and compiler vary from
system to system, and we're not sure that once clean on one machine,
it'll be clean everywhere else. All of this to fix warnings that,
as far as I could tell for the most part, did not indicate an actual
bug in the code.

This is why I am left wondering (meaning I haven't decided yet)
whether the idea of enabling -Wshadow was such a good idea after
all. I know that looking at the warnings allowed you to spot some
areas where there definitely is a mistake, and so that's useful.
I'm not disputing that. But I'm not convinced by a good number of
the patches I've seen, and I still haven't decided whether to
accept the situation and approve them, or not. For that, I asked
everyone else' opinion.


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