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GDB 7.4 branching status? (2011-11-23)

Hello everyone,

Today was the day we were hoping to create the branch from.
I don't think we're quite ready:

  - I think we might still have some patches that are unreviewed.
    The cutoff was: Friday night Nov 11. Please ping us to make
    sure they do not fall through the cracks!

  - We're still waiting for Tom's awesome work on ambiguous linespec.
    I think he's more or less ready to go, once he's re-based and
    re-posted his patches (with a couple of improvements made for
    the Ada support)

  - I just discovered a build failure in gdb-dlfcn on Windows.
    I need to investigate a little further what's going on, but
    I am hoping to be able to send a patch soon.

On the optional TODO list, we have:

  - Support for Darwin/Lion - Tristan told me that he started working
    on this, but I don't think it's full time. I don't think we should
    delay the branch without some sort of idea of how much time we
    expect this work to take.

  - Yao's tracepoint feature: Download tracepoint locations when tracing
    is running.

    I think all the patches are in, now, right?


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