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Re: [PATCH] arm reversible : <phase_2_complete>

>>>>> "oza" == oza Pawandeep <> writes:

oza> please find the latest patch below.

No ChangeLog entry.

No NEWS entry.

Patch got mangled by your mailer again.

oza> +        memcpy(&REGS[0],&RECORD_BUF[0],sizeof(uint32_t)*LENGTH); \

Wrong spacing.

oza> +        memcpy(&MEMS->len,&RECORD_BUF[0],sizeof(struct arm_mem_r) * LENGTH); \


oza> +}arm_record_strx_t;


oza> +}record_type_t;


oza> +
oza> +static int
oza> +arm_record_strx (insn_decode_record *arm_insn_r, uint32_t *record_buf,
oza> +    uint32_t *record_buf_mem, arm_record_strx_t str_type)


oza> +   if ((14 == arm_insn_r->opcode) || (10 == arm_insn_r->opcode))

Too many parens.

oza> +  else if ((12 == arm_insn_r->opcode) || (8 == arm_insn_r->opcode))


oza> +  else if ((11 == arm_insn_r->opcode) || (15 == arm_insn_r->opcode)
oza> +    || (2 == arm_insn_r->opcode) || (6 == arm_insn_r->opcode))

Again, plus indentation.

oza> +      regcache_raw_read_unsigned (reg_cache, reg_src1
oza> +                                 , &u_regval[0]);

Formatting -- "," is on the wrong line.

I see most of these issues multiple times.  Please go over the entire
patch and fix them all.  I feel like I asked this before.

oza> +                  /* FIX ME: How to read SPSR value?  */

We try not to put FIXME comments into new code.
Nobody ever fixes them.

You can just write an informative comment instead: "We have no way to
read the SPSR value".  Assuming that is accurate.

The enclosing function, arm_record_extension_space, takes care to return
a value, but (1) the meaning of the return value is not documented in
the function's introductory comment (this problems affects many of the
new functions), and (2) the only caller does not check it.

What happens if the user hits an instruction which is not handled?
Right now a message is printed.  But shouldn't it abort the operation in
some other way?  That is, is emitting a message really sufficient?

oza> +/* Decode arm/thumb insn depending on condition cods and opcodes; and
oza> dispatch it.  */
oza> +
oza> +static int
oza> +decode_insn (insn_decode_record *arm_record, record_type_t record_type,
oza> +                uint32_t insn_size)

E.g., here the return value should be documented.

oza> +  static int (*const arm_handle_insn[8])
oza> +                                      (insn_decode_record*) =

Formatting looks weird.
A typedef for the function type would probably make this look less

oza> +      /* if this insn has fallen into extension space then we need
oza> not decode it anymore.  */
oza> +      if (!INSN_RECORDED(arm_record))
oza> +        {
oza> +          arm_handle_insn[insn_id] (arm_record);

... it seems like there should be a check of the return value here.
I don't understand this.

oza> +              if (record_arch_list_add_mem \

No need for this backslash.

oza> +                ((CORE_ADDR)arm_record.arm_mems[no_of_rec].addr,
oza> +                arm_record.arm_mems[no_of_rec].len))

Really messed up formatting.

oza> +  if (arm_record.arm_regs)
oza> +    xfree (arm_record.arm_regs);
oza> +  if (arm_record.arm_mems)
oza> +    xfree (arm_record.arm_mems);

This is fine as long as you have proved that nothing in any possible
call path here can throw an exception.  If anything throws an exception,
then you are leaking memory and should instead use a cleanup.

oza> +   /* Parse swi insn args, sycall record.  */
oza> +  int (*arm_swi_record) (struct regcache *regcache);

Since this is only used in your Phase 3 patch, it belongs there.


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