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[PATCH v2] Tracing notes and metadata

Here is the filled-in version of the tracing notes patch. It's mostly the same as the previous version, with some additional fixup/cleanup prompted by actually running it through testsuite. :-)

I plan to commit this soon if no issues crop up.


2011-11-17 Stan Shebs <>

    * NEWS: Mention tracepoint additions.
    * breakpoint.h (struct tracepoint): New field traceframe_usage.
    * breakpoint.c (print_one_breakpoint_location): Identify
    tracepoints as such when reporting hit counts, report
    trace buffer usage.
    (create_tracepoint_from_upload): Copy status info.
    * tracepoint.h (struct trace_status): Rename error_desc to stop_desc,
    add fields user_name, notes, start_time, stop_time.
    (struct uploaded_tp): Add fields hit_count, traceframe_usage.
    * tracepoint.c (trace_user): New global.
    (trace_notes): New global.
    (trace_stop_notes): New global.
    (start_tracing): Add argument and trace note handling.
    (stop_tracing): Ditto.
    (trace_start_command): Add notes argument.
    (trace_stop_command): Ditto.
    (trace_status_command): Report additional status info.
    (trace_status_mi): Similarly.
    (trace_save): Update, record tracepoint status.
    (set_disconnected_tracing): Call target method directly.
    (send_disconnected_tracing_value): Remove.
    (set_trace_user): New function.
    (set_trace_notes): New function.
    (set_trace_stop_notes): New function.
    (parse_trace_status): Handle additional status.
    (parse_tracepoint_status): New function.
    (parse_tracepoint_definition): Call it.
    (tfile_get_tracepoint_status): New function.
    (init_tfile_ops): Use it.
    (_initialize_tracepoint): Add new setshows.
    * target.h (struct target_ops): New methods to_get_tracepoint_status
    and to_set_trace_notes.
    (target_get_tracepoint_status): New macro.
    (target_set_trace_notes): New macro.
    * target.c (update_current_target): Add new methods.
    * remote.c (remote_get_tracepoint_status): New function.
    (remote_set_trace_notes): New function.
    (init_remote_ops): Add them.
    * mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_trace_start): Add argument to call.
    (mi_cmd_trace_stop): Ditto.

    * tracepoint.c (struct tracepoint): New field traceframe_usage.
    (tracing_start_time): New global.
    (tracing_stop_time): New global.
    (tracing_user_name): New global.
    (tracing_notes): New global.
    (tracing_stop_note): New global.
    (cmd_qtstart): Set traceframe_usage, start_time.
    (stop_tracing): Set stop_time.
    (cmd_qtstatus): Report additional status.
    (cmd_qtp): New function.
    (handle_tracepoint_query): Call it.
    (cmd_qtnotes): New function.
    (handle_tracepoint_general_set): Call it.
    (get_timestamp): Rename from tsv_get_timestamp.

    * gdb.texinfo (Starting and Stopping Trace Experiments): Document
    note-related options and variables.
    (Tracepoint Packets): Document packet changes.

    * gdb.trace/tstatus.exp: New.
    * gdb.trace/actions.c: Include string.h.

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