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Re: [sim] new port: Renesas RL78

On Wednesday 16 November 2011 14:47:28 Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 November 2011 14:36:20 DJ Delorie wrote:
> > > > +int
> > > > +main (int argc, char **argv)
> > > > +{
> > > > ...
> > > > +  setbuf(stdout, NULL);
> > > 
> > > doesn't this hurt performance ?  especially when tracing ?
> > 
> > Very important when emulating the target serial port, though.  I
> > suppose I could rework that logic, but so far I've mostly been worried
> > about "runs correctly" and not "runs fast".
> for output, i have my uart simulator explicitly flush whenever it has data
> to right.  that way general things writing to stdout don't take a penalty,
> but the serial which wants bytes sent immediately still work.

ugh, s/right/write/

in case it's interesting, i'm referring to the file sim/bfin/dv-bfin_uart.c.  in 
there is a bfin_uart_write_buffer() helper which is called two different ways: 
when a buffer is transferred to the device via DMA (so from 
bfin_uart_dma_write_buffer() which is a callback from common device framework), 
or when someone writes the memory-mapped transmit register (so from 
bfin_uart_io_write_buffer() which is a callback from common memory framework).


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