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Re: [patch] PR symtab/13277: Resolving opaque structures in ICC generated binaries.

>>>>> "John" == John Steele Scott <> writes:

Jan> There is one problem that -gdwarf-4 (-fdebug-types-section)
Jan> .debug_types units do not contain DW_AT_producer and GDB currently
Jan> does not try to inherit it from the referencing .debug_info
Jan> sections.

Jan> But latest icc still does not support DW_AT_producer and I am not
Jan> sure if it would use the declaration form inside .debug_types
Jan> anyway.

John> I don't follow this paragraph. Did you mean something other than
John> icc? I'm using ICC 12.0.4, and it's definitely setting
John> DW_AT_producer. I don't see it outputting any .debug_types section
John> though, it seems to only emit dwarf2.

I think maybe he meant .debug_types in that second paragraph where he
wrote DW_AT_producer.  Or maybe I just don't understand as well :)

John>     2011-11-13  John Steele Scott  <>
John>     	PR symtab/13277: Resolving opaque structures in ICC generated binaries.
John>     	* dwarf2read.c (producer_is_icc): New function.
John>     	(read_structure_type): Set TYPE_STUB on structures/unions/classes
John>     	with a byte size of zero, if they were produced by ICC.
John>     	(process_structure_scope): Extract "external reference" check into
John>     	die_is_incomplete_type.
John>     	(die_is_incomplete_type): New function.
John>     	(read_partial_die): If a structure/union/class has a byte_size of zero,
John>     	and it was produced by ICC, set part_die->is_declaration instead of

This patch is ok.  You didn't say, but I assume it passed all regression


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