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Re: [PATCH] testsuite: Add (extensive) hardware breakpoint testing

> > ?The consistency of failures between i686-linux-gnu and i686-mingw makes
> > me fairly sure that's a bug in x86 support in GDB of some sort rather than
> > a problem with my setup -- is that a known bug?
> OOC, have you tried amd64-linux?
> {i386,amd64}-linux are important enough targets that I think this
> should be fixed for 7.4. Joel?

I think we should look at the context as well before making a decision:
  - Is that a regression? If it's been like that in previous versions,
    then maybe it's OK for it to fail for another version...
  - Are hardware breakpoints used much? Probably by the people who
    debug programs in ROM(/flash?).

We should probably try to investigate the problem quickly and determine
the extent of the problem. If we think we should fix that for 7.4, and
someone is willing to take responsibility for it, then let's make it
a high priority item on our list, and not release 7.4 without the fix.


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