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Re: [patch] Increase the bar of printing `handling possible serial event'

On 11/10/11 11:41 AM, Pedro Alves wrote:
On Thursday 10 November 2011 06:27:34, Yao Qi wrote:
When I debug gdbserver by setting debug_thread to 1, I get many lines
of `handling possible serial event' in log, which dose not carry any
useful information for debugging purpose.

This patch is to increase the threshold of printing this sentence.  Or we
may remove this print completely, because I can't figure out a case
some one wants to read many lines of `handling possible serial event'
in log.
I've found it more than once very useful when debugging non-stop/async mode
issues, where the order of serial and target events isn't predictable,
and knowing when a packet was just handled can help figure out
following weird behaviors.

If it bothers so much, I could go with outputting it only when non_stop is
on.  Just bumping is not good, because you can't set debug_thread to anything
other than 1 or 0 without recompiling gdbserver, and that's not good when
asking users for logs.

--debug=2 ?

Might as well invest, the poor code is getting plenty of use/abuse. :-)


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