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Re: RFC: don't set the pspace on ordinary breakpoints

>>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Alves <> writes:

>> @@ -1327,6 +1329,12 @@ decode_indirect (struct linespec_state *self,
>> char **argptr)
>> CORE_ADDR pc;
>> char *initial = *argptr;
>> +  if (current_program_space->executing_startup)
>> +    /* The error message doesn't really matter, because this case
>> +       should only hit during breakpoint reset.  */
>> +    throw_error (NOT_FOUND_ERROR, _("cannot evaluate expressions while "
>> +                                   "program space is in startup"));

Pedro> Why is is okay to look at current_program_space here, if you're
Pedro> iterating over pspaces elsewhere?

decode_indirect is for 'break *EXPRESSION', which is only evaluated in
the current context in the current program space.

Pedro> Any chance we can have a standalone patch for just the
Pedro> startup-disabled changes?  We'd need something like my previous
Pedro> suggestion in bkpt_re_set (even if we'd remain buggy WRT
Pedro> multi-process).

Sure, I will do that.


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