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Re: [patch 6/8] gdbserver - Install tracepoint when tracing is running

> Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 14:40:04 +0800
> From: Yao Qi <>
> -/* Create a tracepoint (location) with given number and address.  */
> +/* Create a tracepoint (location) with given number and address.  If SORT is
> +   non-zero, the list of tracepoint will be sorted.  */

> +      /* Find a place to insert this tracepoint into list in order to keep
> +	 the tracepoint list still in an ascending order.  There may be
"the ascending order"

> +	 multiple tracepoints at the same address as TPOINT's, and this
> +	 guarantee that TP_PREV is the last tracepoint entry of them, so that

> +	 TPOINT is inserted at the last of them.

"inserted at the last of them" is not clear.  I would suggest using
"before" or "after".  Or maybe "at the highest address" if you mean
"at address" (I don't really understand the meaning of what the code

>                                                For example, fast tracepoint


> +  /* Install tracepoint during tracing only once of each tracepoint location.
"for each", I think.

> +  /* Find the previous entry of TPOINT, which is fast tracepoint or
> +     or static tracepoint.  */

2 "or" in a row.


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