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Re: [patch] testsuite: MI: racy results in async mode #2

On 10/29/2011 04:00 PM, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> I have attached this different kind of reproducer to the Bug:

PASSes->FAILs with on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu:

@@ -16333,7 +16333,7 @@
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: successfully compiled posix threads test case
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: breakpoint at main
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: mi runto main
-PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: breakpoint at marker
+FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: breakpoint at marker
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: w0,i0 stop
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: w1,i0 stop
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nonstop.exp: thread state, stop 1
@@ -16377,7 +16377,7 @@
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: successfully compiled posix threads test case
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: breakpoint at main
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: mi runto main
-PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: breakpoint at thread_function
+FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: breakpoint at thread_function
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: stop 0
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: stop 1
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsintrall.exp: stop 2
@@ -16401,7 +16401,7 @@
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: successfully compiled posix threads test case
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: breakpoint at main
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: mi runto main
-PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: breakpoint at thread_function
+FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: breakpoint at thread_function
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: stop 0
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: stop 1
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsmoribund.exp: stop 2
@@ -16423,7 +16423,7 @@
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: successfully compiled posix threads test case
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: breakpoint at main
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: mi runto main
-PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: breakpoint at thread_execler
+FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: breakpoint at thread_execler
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: stop at thread_execler
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: thread state, execler stopped, main running
 PASS: gdb.mi/mi-nsthrexec.exp: interrupt main thread
@@ -20337,7 +20337,7 @@
 PASS: gdb.threads/watchthreads2.exp: all threads started
 PASS: gdb.threads/watchthreads2.exp: watch x
 PASS: gdb.threads/watchthreads2.exp: set var test_ready = 1
-PASS: gdb.threads/watchthreads2.exp: all threads incremented x
+KFAIL: gdb.threads/watchthreads2.exp: gdb can drop watchpoints in multithreaded app (PRMS: gdb/10116)

Fortunately, there aren't many of them.


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