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Re: [RFC] Python Finish Breakpoints

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Pouget <> writes:

Phil> My own personal opinion is to abstract the details to the GDB Python
Phil> code, instead of adding another flag to 'struct breakpoint'. That was
Phil> the original ethos of adding a pointer inside the breakpoint struct to
Phil> the Python breakpoint-object - so we can have access to the whole of the
Phil> breakpoint object without breaking out pieces of it here and there.

Kevin> yes, I totally agree with this opinion, and that's why I changed the
Kevin> code arguing,
Kevin> "what's for Python stays in Python" !

There are some other options available.

You could subclass breakpoint and add a new field there.  This would
segregate the changes in the python subdirectory.  This may be best.

Alternatively you could make a bp_finish breakpoint.  I'm not sure
whether this is sufficient or whether you would also need an additional
flag.  If the latter you could make a bp_finish_python or something like
that -- I said earlier that this was probably invasive, but grepping for
bp_finish makes me think it wouldn't be too bad.


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