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Re: [RFA/RFC] Restore old handling of multi-register variables

On Wednesday 26 October 2011 22:37:26, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> Here is a new version of the patch that reads values over multiple
> registers if needed. You suggested that read_frame_register_value
> should be in frame.c, but it seemed more logical to put it in findvar.
> I think that the proximity with the ther frame_register routines
> made it more natural, whereas I couldn't find a natural place where
> the new routine would fit in frame.c.  
> But I can move it to frame.c if you think it's a better place.

That's fine.  As long as it's not in value.c :-).

findvar.c is a weird file.  It seems to contains a mix of two
or three different things.  But that's precedent.

> gdb/ChangeLog:
>         * value.h (read_frame_register_value): Add declaration.
>         * findvar.c (read_frame_register_value): New function.
>         (value_from_register): Use read_frame_register_value
>         instead of get_frame_register_value + value_contents_copy
>         to get value contents.
> Tested on AVR using AdaCore's testsuite. Tested on x86_64-linux
> using the official testsuite.
> OK?

Looks good to me.

Pedro Alves

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