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Re: Status of 'blacklist' patch?

On 10/25/2011 01:16 PM, Justin Lebar wrote:
In the unlikely case that I actually opened the manual (not because
it's no good, but because most people I know who use GDB aren't aware
of the manual -- it's not well-linked on the web), I think the fact
that there are |skip file| and |skip function| commands would clear
things up pretty quickly.

There's a cost to a comment like this; it's not useful to most
readers, but they have to parse it anyway.  (What the heck does "skip
function file" mean?)

Another purpose for having niggling details in the manual is that in the absence of a formal specification, the manual is our promise to users of what they should expect to work, and how it will work. So users find themselves referring to the manual when they try something that seems obvious, and are surprised that it doesn't work as expected.

But again, I don't really have a stake in this either way.  I just
want to get my patch in.  :)

I'd like to see a new rollup with all the feedback incorporated, I've lost track of the state... :-)


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