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Re: Status of 'blacklist' patch?

> From: Justin Lebar <>
> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 12:08:09 -0400
> Cc:,,
> > What happens if I have a function called "file" in the same program?
> > IOW, to what degree is "file" a reserved keyword here?
> Even if you have a function named "file", |skip file| will skip the
> current file.  But |skip function file| would skip the function called
> "file".

I suggest to say this explicitly as a note.  E.g., like this:

 (If you have a function called @code{file} that you want to skip, use
 @kbd{skip function file} to specify it.)

> >> +@item Type
> >> +@samp{function} or @samp{file}
> >
> > The text below the @item line should be at least one complete
> > sentence.
> FWIW, I think
>    @samp{function} or @samp{file}
> beats
>     This field contains either @samp{function} or @samp{file},
> indicating whether
> the skip is on one function or all the functions in a file.

I didn't suggest the latter; you did ;-)

I will settle for

  The type of this skip, either @samp{function} or @samp{file}.

> > @item Identifier
> > A number identifying this skip.
> This is not a complete sentence.  Should it be changed as well?

No need, it is complete enough for me.


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