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Re: [RFC][Python] gdbpy_frame_stop_reason_string bug

> From: Kevin Pouget <>
> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 09:20:19 +0200
> Cc:,,, 
> >> +All the conditions after this alias are considered errors;
> >
> > Hmm... ?This table is preceded by this text:
> >
> > ?@defun Frame.unwind_stop_reason ()
> > ?Return an integer representing the reason why it's not possible to find
> > ?more frames toward the outermost frame. ?Use
> > ?@code{gdb.frame_stop_reason_string} to convert the value returned by this
> > ?function to a string. The value can be one of:
> >
> > So "conditions after this alias" seems inappropriate in the list that
> > follows, because we are not describing conditions or aliases. ?Can you
> > rephrase this to be consistent with the rest of the list.
> I'm not sure about you see wrong with "alias". We could replace it
> with "reference" (like the & operator in C++, but also used in Python
> and Java), but it sounds more or less the same to me.
> What do you think about:
> "Stop reasons greater or equal to this value/alias/reference"

Now that I understand the intent, I would suggest

  Any stop reason greater or equal to this value indicates some kind
  of error.  This special value facilitates writing code that tests
  for errors in unwinding in a way that will work correctly even if
  the list of the other values is modified in future @value{GDBN}
  versions.  Using it, you could write:
  ... insert here a snippet of code using this value ...
  @end smallexample

> > And why is it important that the value is an alias for another?
> it's important because it's not a distinct value as the other ones, so
> > frame_stop_reason_string(UNWIND_FIRST_ERROR) == frame_stop_reason_string(UNWIND_UNAVAILABLE)
> is True, which might be counter-intuitive if you don't know that
> UNWIND_FIRST_ERROR is an alias/reference

I still don't see the importance, sorry.  Moreover, having this text
means that we will need to update the manual each time the list of
unwind reasons is modified, which in a way works against this very


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