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Re: [patch] PR python/12438

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 10:56 PM, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> Kevin> I have a question regarding this patch, which was committed at
> Kevin> the end of June, wouldn't GDB let the user know, one way or an
> Kevin> other, that there was something wrong happened ?
> I think gdbpy_print_stack is mostly called in "internal" situations,
> where printing something will mess up the output.
> Ordinary commands and such that fail should convert the Python exception
> to a gdb exception, leading to what you'd expect.
> I might be misremembering. ?Concrete examples would help.

I don't think so about gdbpy_print_stack, I think it's used every time
an exception is caught, either originating from [user-] python code,
or from GDB's internals

the first example I can thing about it:

class BP(gdb.Breakpoint):	
	def stop(self):
		raise ValueError

which will silently fail if "set python print-stack" is off

> Kevin> I don't know if Python allows to do it, but i think it would be nice
> Kevin> to see something like:
>>> NameError: global name 'comp' is not define
> Kevin> which is the last line of a python stacktrace
> I think it could be done.
> We can always add more values for "maint set python print-stack".

I posted a bug report for that;

I'll give in a try in the next weeks or so, if still available



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