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Re: [Python - doc] gdb.post_event description

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Pouget <> writes:

Kevin> but I think that the notion of "event" is quite vague here, for
Kevin> instance we've got Python events, which are totally unrelated to
Kevin> "post_event" (as far as I understood); and internally there are
Kevin> inferior events.
Kevin> (Actually, with that knowledge, I expected 'post_event' events to be
Kevin> processed more often).

Kevin> So I think it's important to state when the callback will be
Kevin> triggered, give the prompt as an example, and mentioned that more
Kevin> event processing points might be added in the next releases

Kevin> What do you think about it?

Yeah, the choice of name for 'gdb.post_event' was unfortunate.
I think a change to the docs making it clear that post_event and the
event mechanism are unrelated would be good.

I wouldn't even mind if it mentioned the CLI or accepting input or
something, as long as it also mentioned that we may expand it to run
at other times as well in the future.


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