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Re: [patch] Allow dummy CUs created by incremental linker

>>>>> "Cary" == Cary Coutant <> writes:

Cary> With the new incremental linking support in gold, we leave patch space
Cary> in the file at link time, and use that patch space for incremental
Cary> updates. If the file has debug info, that means that the debug info
Cary> might have "holes" in it. Because the debugger can't deal with
Cary> arbitrary holes in the debug info, gold fills the holes with dummy
Cary> compilation units, where each dummy CU consists of a compilation unit
Cary> header whose length field cover the hole, and the rest of the space
Cary> filled with zeroes. This patch updated gdb to tolerate these dummy
Cary> CUs, by checking for an empty CU before attempting to read the DIEs.


Cary> +static unsigned int
Cary> +peek_abbrev_code (bfd *abfd, gdb_byte *info_ptr)
Cary> +{
Cary> +  unsigned int bytes_read;
Cary> +  return read_unsigned_leb128 (abfd, info_ptr, &bytes_read);

Our coding style requires a newline after the declarations.

Ok with that change.


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