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Re: [patch] Fix internal error on optimized-out values (regression by me)

Jan> Which patch do you refer to here?  Neither of the two proposed
Jan> patch of mine in this threads went it yet.

Oops, sorry.

>> in
>> that it may break operations on an SRA'd structure where some bits are
>> optimized away.  I thought I added tests for this, not sure though.

Jan> Missing DW_AT_data_member_location is defined as offset 0.  Not
Jan> sure how an optimized out field should look like.

It would be an empty DW_OP_piece.

Jan>  Empty DWARF block will just not modify the struct base address,
Jan> therefore it may mean also the offset 0 instead of optimized-out
Jan> value.  And popping the base address keeping the stack empty is not
Jan> an empty DWARF block then.

Based on this I think I probably am missing some context here.  So you
can just ignore me if you want :)

Jan> I tried some testcase but I failed to force GCC making a field
Jan> optimized out.

pieces.exp tests this.  See pieces_test_f6.


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