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Re: [PATCH] Fix regcache_restore() handling of unavailable regs.

On Tuesday 11 October 2011 07:40:27, David Miller wrote:
> Across inferior dummy calls, regcache entries which were "unavailable"
> were restored incorrectly after such dummy calls.  The problem is
> incorrect interpretation of cooked_read()'s return value in
> regcache_restore().
> Ok to commit?


I don't think the problem is fully solved though.  If it happens
that the same set of registers are unavailable in src/dst,
then things work.  If if not, nothing is marking the dst
register as unavailable.  And that's tricky, due to pseudo
registers, and partially available registers.  I think this will
need a bit more surgery to fix properly.  Until then, please
apply your patch.  I'll add a TODO to think about this.

OOC, what register are you seeing as unavailable?  Is this a
case of ptrace not exposing all the machine's registers?
A context where the kernel hasn't saved all registers (a signal
frame, or something like that).  Something else?


Pedro Alves

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