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Re: [patch] New test+use texinfo @click - @HAVE_MAKEINFO_CLICK@ [Re: doc build failure (Re: [patch 04/12] entryval#3: Virtual tail call frames)]

On Mon, 10 Oct 2011 17:15:38 +0200, Pedro Alves wrote:
> Leaving a piece of the manual out like that is not okay.

I was thinking about it but I do not find this part as too significant there,
it is just another illustration.

> If this feature is too new for the currently required makeinfo
> version (which is it, btw?), we have two real choices:
>  1. bump the minimum required makeinfo version so we can use it

Unfortunately sourceware tree does not build without makeinfo at all.  This is
a pretty painful dependency on various hosts I build GDB on, I tried once to
make the dependency optional but I do not find it so easy as I thought it is.

>  2. don't use the new feature
> We could also have an @else that spells that bit out without
> using @click/@arrow, but I don't think the benefits of a
> clicksequence (or @arrow) justify the extra maintenance
> burden.  IMO.

IMO it makes better quality of the output for user.  If the feature has been
implemented and it is useful in such case it should be used.  There is no
excuse not doing so.

I can provide alternative less nifty graphical representation keeping the text
even with older texinfos.


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