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Re: [RFA] Only try to load libthread_db when we load libpthread.

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 4:09 AM, Pedro Alves <> wrote:
> Well, at least things should work the same as before, which IMO
> is good thing as it makes this change an optimization only.

That's the intent.

>> Blech, I forgot one bit of cleanup.
>> Revised patch attached.
> Still breaks activating thread_db when debugging cores of
> static executables.

Used wrong sandbox for the before case, sigh.


> Did you try this suggestion?:
>> I think we'll no longer activate thread_db when debugging core
>> files of static executables (e.g., a core of gdb.threads/staticthreads).
>> It works with live debugging since we call check_for_thread_db
>> from linux_child_post_attach/linux_child_post_startup_inferior.
>> Maybe moving that to an inferior_created observer in
>> linux-thread-db.c would work.

It turns out things work today accidentally.
At least I doubt it's by design. :-)
My previous patch didn't work because it skipped calling
check_for_thread_db when the new_objfile observer was called for
vsyscall (which incidentally is called by the inferior_created
observer for vsyscall, heh).
[Which explains why it didn't surprise me when my before-test failed,
that's a pretty unexpected way to load libthread_db.]

How about this.

2011-10-09  Doug Evans  <>

        * linux-thread-db.c (thread_db_new_objfile): Only try to load
        libthread_db when we load libpthread.
        (thread_db_inferior_created): New function.
        (_initialize_thread_db): Attach inferior_created observer.

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