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Re: [patch 2/3] Drop lazy lm_info reading in solib-svr4.c

On Monday 03 October 2011 22:54:58, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> Hi,
> This both simplifies the code (minus 19 LoC) and makes the code possible to
> modify for [patch 3/3].  Otherwise [patch 3/3] would have to construct
> lm_info->lm in inferior data format which is just not a viable way.
> I do not understand why the implementation was lazy in the first place.
> It was written so already during the initial import into CVS.

Probably just the result of slow incremental development, as gdb moved
away from native-only debugging.  You can look at the sources
much further back than CVS, here: ,
though you're at the mercy of the ChangeLogs only at that point.

> gdb/
> 2011-10-03  Jan Kratochvil  <>
> 	Drop lazy lm_info reading.
> 	* solib-svr4.c (struct lm_info): Remove field lm.  New fields l_addr_p,
> 	l_addr_inferior, l_ld, l_next, l_prev and l_name.
> 	(lm_info_read): New function.
> 	(lm_addr_from_link_map, lm_dynamic_from_link_map): Remove.
> 	(lm_addr_check): Use l_addr_p.  No longer use lm_addr_from_link_map and
> 	lm_dynamic_from_link_map.
> 	(lm_next, lm_prev, lm_name): Remove.
> 	(svr4_keep_data_in_core): Use lm_info_read, drop the lm_info entries
> 	initialization incl. read_memory.  No longer use lm_name.
> 	(svr4_free_so): Drop lm_info->lm freeing.
> 	(svr4_default_sos): Initialize lminfo with zeroes.  Use l_addr_p.  Drop
> 	explicit lm_addr and lm initialization.
> 	(svr4_read_so_list): Use lm_info_read, drop the initailization of
> 	fields by hand, incl. read_memory.  No longer use lm_next, lm_prev and
> 	lm_name.

Looked okay to me.

Pedro Alves

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