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Re: [python] [doc] PR 12930/12802 (clarify Breakpoint::stop doco)

> From: Phil Muldoon <>
> CC:,
> Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2011 11:58:51 +0100
> This patch address the PRs 12930, and 12802 which both arise from
> confusion regarding the scope of actions in the Breakpoint::stop
> callback.  I have added some documentation to clarify.


> +When @value{GDBN} executes each @code{stop} method, the inferior has
> +been stopped, but the internal state accounting for that inferior is
> +undetermined.  As the return value from each @code{stop} method has the
> +potential to instruct @value{GDBN} to restart the inferior, or keep it
> +in a stopped state, this indeterminate state will remain until the
> +execution scope of each @code{stop} method has been completed.

Do we really need this part?  I feel it doesn't explain anything that
is instrumental for the rest of this paragraph, and it sounds
mysterious enough to puzzle and confuse.  How about dropping it and
just leaving the rest (minus the "Therefore" part)?

>                                                                Therefore
> +you should not alter the execution state of the inferior (IE step, next,
"i.e.@:", in lower case and with periods.

> +etc), alter the current frame context (IE change the current active

"etc.", with a period.

Okay with those changes.

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