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Re: [RFA] Environment variables passed to inferior by MinGW build (PR 10989)

> Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 09:53:26 +0200
> From: Corinna Vinschen <>
> Reply-To:
> I was on vacation and I'm also not the area maintainer for windows-nat.c.

No worries, I hope you had a good time ;-)
I CC'ed you because you made the change that I partially undid, and
also participated in some of the discussions I cited.

> Eli's patch is ok, IMHO, but it's a pity that Pierre never followed up
> to since that
> means that now setting environment variables works in Mingw, but not in
> Cygwin.

Could you elaborate why the behavior on Cygwin is incorrect?  AFAICT,
Pierre's changes didn't get into GDB, so GDB still works as it did
before, and your changes that introduced the call to cygwin_internal
were supposed to fix the issue of "set environment" and "unset
environment", right?  Not that I understand exactly what
cygwin_internal does in that case and how it works.

> So, as far as I can see, PR #10989 should not have been closed
> yet.

But that bug report is for the MinGW host and target only, so if
Cygwin has a similar problem, it's a different issue and probably also
a different solution.

OTOH, if the same code I re-introduced will work for Cygwin, it should
be a simple matter to remove the #if conditionals.  Am I missing

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