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Re: [RFC] stept, nextt, finisht, untilt, continuet

On Tuesday 30 August 2011 18:13:05, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Alves <> writes:
> Pedro> I'm currently working towards adding (run control) ptset/itset
> Pedro> support to gdb.  Working on instructure still (I can run all-stop on
> Pedro> top of a target running in non-stop mode now), and the final syntax
> Pedro> will obviously need discussion, but I think we could come up with
> Pedro> syntax for this within that framework.
> I think it would be good to flesh out the syntax details now.
> Maybe you could post your proposal; or even just a link to the earlier
> proposal if you plan to follow it.

Will do, either I or Stan.  I've been focused on target async and
infrustructure leg work, so haven't really thought much on syntax.  I
think the main options to discuss will be prefix syntax, or new options
to execution commands syntax.  Hopefuly this week or the next I'll have
enough glue to go through this and experiment a bit.

> It would be helpful to the ambiguous linespec work if the basic ptset
> code (stuff relating to the data structure itself, not wiring it into
> inferior control) were available "early" -- I'm away for a bit, and I
> don't know your schedule, so it all may be fine; but I mean sometime in
> October.

Hopefuly sooner.

Pedro Alves

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