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Re: [PATCH 1/7] [python] API for macros: abort or continuing macro iterators.

>>>>> "matt" == matt rice <> writes:

matt> 2011-08-23  Matt Rice  <>
matt> 	* macrocmd.c (print_macro_callback): Return a walk status
matt> 	and continue indefinitely.
matt> 	(print_one_macro): Ditto.
matt> 	* macrotab.c (foreach_macro): Return based on callback
matt> 	status.
matt> 	(foreach_macro_in_scope): Ditto.
matt> 	(macro_for_each): Return a macro walk completion result.
matt> 	(macro_for_each_in_scope): Ditto.
matt> 	* macrotab.h (macro_walk_status): New enum.
matt> 	(macro_walk_result): Ditto.
matt> 	(macro_callback_fn): Return a macro_walk_status.
matt> 	(macro_for_each, macro_for_each_in_scope): Return a macro_walk_result.
matt> 	* symtab.c (add_macro_name): Return a walk status and
matt> 	continue indefinitely.

This one is ok, but please do not commit it until the whole series is

In the future it would help if each patch had a description that was a
bit longer than just the Subject: line.


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