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Re: [RFC] Fix problems related to Mingw/DJGPP file names containing colons

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Kettenis <> writes:

Mark> Perhaps that's the solution here?  If you use "quotation" as well as
Mark> "escaping" you should be able to express anything you want on a
Mark> command line.

One funny thing about linespecs is that the quoting syntax isn't
actually documented -- at least, I couldn't find it in the manual.

I tend to think this gives us some freedom to change it a little, on the
theory that probably not many people are already using both quotes and

That theory may run aground on the unfortunate fact that MI's
-break-insert exposes linespecs to the MI clients.  I wonder what they
do for Windows-style paths right now.

I have been contemplating changing linespec to pre-tokenize.  Right now
if you read linespec.c, code to pull out the next relevant token is
spread out all over the file.  I think it would simplify and strengthen
the implementation if this were done in a single pass up-front.


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