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Re: [RFC] Fix problems related to Mingw/DJGPP file names containing colons

On 2011-8-12 23:50, Pierre Muller wrote:
   Using current CVS source,
I am unable to handle files having Dos style
directory specifications inside the stabs debugging information
(but I don't think that this is stabs specific).
Release 7.3 has the same problem...

   The program test.exe below has been compiled with Free Pascal
for win32 target (more or less mingw).
   When I try to insert a break point at a line of current file,
the addr_string computed is "e:/pas/trunk/fpcsrc/ide/test.pas:166".
   But locate_first_half function stops at the first colon
and GDB complains because file "e" is not found.

   I first tried to add double-quotes around the file name,
but this was not enough... I suspect that the other changes
below that I had to add are just errors in the current implementation...
   See below for submitted patch.

   Nevertheless, this implementation will probably fail miserably for
file names containing double-quotes, not sure if this is allowed
on some OS's or FileSystems...

   Comments most welcome
Pierre Muller
GDB pascal language maintainer

GDB session illustrating the problem

E:\pas\trunk\fpcsrc\ide>gdbcvsmult test GNU gdb (GDB) Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type "show copying" and "show warranty" for details. This GDB was configured as "i686-pc-mingw32". For bug reporting instructions, please see: <>... Reading symbols from E:\pas\trunk\fpcsrc\ide/test.exe...done. (gdb) li main 157 end; 158 159 var i,j : longint; 160 Length : longint; 161 162 BEGIN 163 {$ifdef m68k} 164 asm 165 beq @L13 166 bhi @L13 (gdb) b 166 Breakpoint 1 at 0x40170d: file e:/pas/trunk/fpcsrc/ide/test.pas, line 166. (gdb) r Starting program: E:\pas\trunk\fpcsrc\ide/test.exe [New Thread 1116.0xe38] Error in re-setting breakpoint 1: No source file named e. Obj1.Z=1 Hello world! ParamCount = 0 Paramstr(0) = E:\pas\trunk\fpcsrc\ide\test.exe FALSE dummy for browser dummy for browser 0 [Inferior 1 (process 1116) exited with code 04] (gdb)

2011-08-12 Pierre Muller<>

	* linespec.c (build_canonical_line_spec): Handle Dos style filenames
	by adding double-quotes around the file name.
	(locate_first_half): Exit at the end of double-quoted part.
	Never stop inside double-quoted part.
	(symtab_from_filename): Move past the ending double-quote if

Index: src/gdb/linespec.c =================================================================== RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/linespec.c,v retrieving revision 1.128 diff -u -p -r1.128 linespec.c --- src/gdb/linespec.c 5 Jul 2011 20:30:19 -0000 1.128 +++ src/gdb/linespec.c 12 Aug 2011 15:30:43 -0000 @@ -455,7 +455,11 @@ build_canonical_line_spec (struct symtab else { canonical_name = xmalloc (strlen (filename) + 30); - sprintf (canonical_name, "%s:%d", filename, sal->line); + /* Quote filenames containing ':' characters to avoid problems. */ + if (strchr (filename, ':') != NULL&& filename[0] != '"') + sprintf (canonical_name, "\"%s\":%d", filename, sal->line); + else + sprintf (canonical_name, "%s:%d", filename, sal->line); } canonical_arr[0] = canonical_name; } @@ -1214,12 +1218,16 @@ locate_first_half (char **argptr, int *i { break; } + /* Consider a double quote to be the end of the first half. */ + if (*is_quote_enclosed&& p[0] == '"') + return p; + /* Check for the end of the first half of the linespec. End of line, a tab, a colon or a space. But if enclosed in double - quotes we do not break on enclosed spaces. */ + quotes we do not break on enclosed spaces, nor on colons. */ if (!*p || p[0] == '\t' - || (p[0] == ':') + || ((p[0] == ':')&& !*is_quote_enclosed) || ((p[0] == ' ')&& !*is_quote_enclosed)) break; if (p[0] == '.'&& strchr (p, ':') == NULL) @@ -1796,12 +1804,10 @@ symtab_from_filename (char **argptr, cha char *p1; char *copy; struct symtab *file_symtab; - + p1 = p; while (p != *argptr&& p[-1] == ' ') --p; - if ((*p == '"')&& is_quote_enclosed) - --p; copy = (char *) alloca (p - *argptr + 1); memcpy (copy, *argptr, p - *argptr); /* It may have the ending quote right after the file name. */ @@ -1822,8 +1828,11 @@ symtab_from_filename (char **argptr, cha throw_error (NOT_FOUND_ERROR, _("No source file named %s."), copy); }

+  if (p1[0] == '"'&&  is_quote_enclosed)
+    p1++;
    /* Discard the file name from the arg.  */
    p = p1 + 1;
    while (*p == ' ' || *p == '\t')
    *argptr = p;

It is exact the problem I reported here:

As Keith said, I can solve this problem only by revert this change:
if (!*p
|| p[0] == '\t'
- || ((p[0] == ':')
- && ((p[1] == ':') || (strchr (p + 1, ':') == NULL)))
+ || (p[0] == ':')
|| ((p[0] == ' ') && !*is_quote_enclosed))

Then, everything works fine.

@Pierre Muller:
I think adding quotes internally is not quite good. That's from my personal point.

there is another issue when locating the absolute the source path if the app is build with relative paths. I have a patch to solve them in that following discussion.
a simplified patch used on mingw official 7.3 release can be found here:

asmwarrior ollydbg from codeblocks' forum

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